Body Easily Tired, Dizziness and Trouble Concentrating During the Day?

dehydration drink water

Feeling lazy all day coupled with a headache and difficulty concentrating may result in deficient body fluids or dehydration. At a time like this is usually the body to signal thirst. If thirsty indeed appear as soon as possible, then you should drink water.

If it appears the symptoms of dehydration such that, in addition to drinking water should also be noted that the dose needs to be consumed in a day. Perhaps you drink several glasses of water per day, but the amount of the required intake of the body is still lacking. Thus the body is not getting balanced body fluids.

Quoted from Care2 pages, the average person only drinks four glasses of water per day. This dose is still lacking and could lead to the symptoms of dehydration. Studies conducted at the University of Connecticut concluded, even mild dehydration can alter mood, energy level and a person’s ability to think clearly. The thirst has not appeared to lack of fluids reach 1-2 percent.

In certain circumstances that cause the body fluid decreases so rapidly, such as exercise, stress, hot weather, to the use of certain drugs. Women who are menstruating are also known to be faster decreased body fluids.

Related to the amount of water that must be drunk, below is a guide created by Boston College may help you to sufficient fluid intake per day, which is adjustable between weight and type of activity.

Weight (kg)Light activityNormal activityHeavy activity
50 kg9 cups9 ½ cups10 cups
60 kg9 cups10 cups11 cups
70 kg9 cups10 cups11 cups
80 kg9 ½ cups10 ½ cups12 ½ cups
90 kg and above9 ½ cups11 cups13 ¼ cups

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