Cucumber Help Treat Cancer and Diabetes

cucumber cancer diabetes

Behind the fresh cucumber for making juice or as fresh vegetables, turned out to have benefits for treating cancer and diabetes. This benefit arises because the genes that cause bitterness in cucumbers. Behind the bitter taste, there is usefulness in the fight against cancer and diabetes. This gene is called cucurbitacin.

In cucumber that grows wild, it can also be used for nausea drugs, laxatives, and liver drug. Recent studies have shown the efficacy of cucumbers to suppress cancer cells and normalize blood sugar levels. Thus, the benefits of eating cucumber increasingly widespread. Because the cucumber is also effective in lowering high blood pressure.

Bitter taste in cucumbers is influenced by a gene called Bi and Bt. Both of these genes to trigger the presence of bitter taste in most fruit. Precisely this bitter taste raises medicinal effects. Quoted from the Boldsky page, many studies have attempted to identify and imitate DNA associated with this bitter taste.

For cucurbitacin genes, there are 9 types owned by cucumber. Two of them are the following which works to fight cancer and diabetes =

  1. Saponins useful to overcome diabetes. Saponins helps insulin and glycogen into the cell. Thus, the sugar content can descend and simultaneously dissolve fat in tissues.
  2. There are three forms of lignin contained in cucumbers. Useful to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and suppress the growth of certain cancer cells. One form of lignin, pinoresinol, can suppress blood cancer cells (leukemia).

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