Cancer Cells Growing Due to Fatty Foods

cancer cells fatty foods

If a person is diagnosed with cancer, it should stay motivated to undergo treatment because cancer is not the end of everything. There are many ways to treat cancer, one of which is to transform into a healthier lifestyle. Included in a healthy lifestyle is to avoid all foods that contain bad fats. Yes, if you cannot fully escape, then just minimize the consumption of these foods.

Why bad fats? Because a study says that cancer cells will grow faster with the consumption of fatty foods. Reported by page, if you eat these foods, then it’s the same as feeding the cancer cells. As a result, the cell will be more spread out and grow a lot.

“Our research shows that when cancer cells or tumors absorb cholesterol and bad fats, the development will increase rapidly,” said health articles are written by the German researchers. “Bad cholesterol or LDL is like food for the tumor cells,” he continued.

This was evidenced by some 17% of women with breast cancer turned out to have high cholesterol levels which ranged 240. Cholesterol is bad fats that accumulate in the body and can lead to some kind of disease.

In contrast to those who consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, the cancer cells will actually shrink. This is because the content of phytosterols found in various types of fruits and vegetables may help reduce fat levels in the blood. This substance shrink cancer cells, and even in a long time will be able to eliminate it.


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