Cinnamon Can Lower High Blood Pressure?

cinnamon high blood pressure

Cinnamon is the type of bark that has a sweet and fragrant aroma. Generally, cinnamon is used as an ingredient for making cakes, drinks, or ice and syrup. In addition to food and beverages, cinnamon also it can be used for high blood pressure-lowering drugs.

Of course accompanied by the consumption of healthy food, healthy lifestyle, and cinnamon that are regularly consumed, then people with hypertension can lower blood pressure to normal numbers.

The secret is a combination of cinnamon and supplements contain magnesium which is known to lower blood pressure. It is known from as many as 22 pieces of experiments conducted by scientists from the University Gertfordshire published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The results of the study also mentioned that without additional magnesium, in fact, cinnamon is also efficacious for lowering high blood pressure. Even the treatment with the consumption of cinnamon has been used for a long time as the antidote of dizziness during menstrual periods, as well as diabetes.

Reported by page Daily Health Post (22/12), the antioxidant content of cinnamon is high, so it can provide many benefits for health. Consumption suggested in the study is 500 mg to 2.4 grams of cinnamon powder per day. Blood pressure dropped to 5.39 and 2.6 mmHg per consumption.

Not only hypertension and diabetes, metabolic syndrome problems, insulin sensitivity, the risk of inflammation, and obesity can be helped by the consumption of cinnamon.


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