7 Foods That Should Be Avoided When Typhus

foods when typhus

Typhus often experienced by people, allegedly because of the habit of eating food and beverages sold at roadside. Poor food hygiene level facilitates the bacteria that cause typhoid disease is contagious. The bacteria then infect the digestive system of the human body and cause digestive organs injured.

When suffering from typhoid or typhoid fever, there are some foods that should be avoided for the time being in order to accelerate healing. Here are list of foods that should be avoided by typhus patients =

  1. Types of carbohydrates.
    Types of carbohydrates that prohibited for people with typhoid are sticky rice, brown rice, whole wheat bread, sweet potatoes, corn, cassava, and the like. The recommended are rice porridge, smooth potatoes, and bread with a smooth texture.
  2. Fibrous vegetable.
    For example vegetable cassava leaves, papaya, cucumber, squash, and other fibrous vegetables. Types of beans such as kidney beans, green beans, peanuts, and soybeans are also forbidden.
  3. Fruit.
    Fruit with a sour taste contains high vitamin C is also best avoided. For example, citrus, guava, apple. Jackfruit and durian also good avoided.
  4. Protein.
    Coarse textured protein foods should be avoided such as mutton, beef, chicken, and salted fish. Eggs and fish with delicate meat may be consumed.
  5. Sources of fat.
    Fried foods are one of abstinence for patients with typhoid. Also, food with high content of milk should be avoided for a while.
  6. Spicy.
    Different types of foods containing chili, spicy flavor is the most forbidden for typhoid patients, so that their digestion is not inflamed and getting worse.
  7. Beverages.
    Types of beverages such as tea, coffee, alcohol, soda, and drinks that contain chemicals and artificial sweeteners it is better avoided. Healthy beverages such as water and milk are the best option to cure typhus.
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