Eat 3 Times a Day Can Make Disease?

eat 3 times a day

The habit of eating three times a day, i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner are applied by almost all nations in the world. But these habits questioned by health experts because it is not the best way to be healthy. In fact, this habit can be a cause you to suffer from a particular disease.

Written in a health article on page Daily Mail, to date there is no scientific evidence that wrote that eating 3 meals a day will keep the body healthy. Even if you leave the dinner, and just eat two times a day, the body actually become healthier.

Fasting, in fact, a lot written in the article as a way to healthy health, strengthen the immune system and keep the weight to remain stable. There are more articles that discuss the benefits of fasting rather than the benefits of eating three times a day.

Indeed, eat 3 meals a day has become as routine for humans, but the evidence that restricting food intake will make the body more fit and fresh. Especially if you apply more frequent fasting.

The reason, the calories in your body, will accumulate and if the composition is not balanced can trigger diseases such as diabetes. Moreover, if you routinely enter calories 3 times a day, in large amounts as well. Therefore, limiting the intake of calories in each serving of food is certainly better and healthier.

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