Breast Cancer Risk Increased Not Due to Wear Bra Wire

breast cancer bra wire

Many women are worried about using bra wire due to the myth that says that bra with wire can increase the risk of breast cancer. Bra wire commonly used by women who have large breast size, or women who are breastfeeding. Wire located at the bottom of the bra that serves to support the breasts more comfortable position.

The growing myth mentions that the pressure wire in the chest will make lymph system becomes blocked, so the poison or useless substances accumulate and cause breast cancer.

In fact, it is not true because the lymphatic flow is not affected at all by the wire located at the bottom of the bra. Unless bra wire used is very tight, the result will impede the flow of blood.

For breast cancer alone there are some things that trigger the onset of this dangerous diseases. Here are some of the causes of breast cancer as reported by Vemale page =

  • Cigarettes and alcohol.
    Cigarettes and alcohol are a trigger breast cancer in women. Avoid it will be more secure and safe than to be one of those who likes cigarettes or alcohol.
  • Old age.
    The more we age, the production of estrogen will wane. The age of 45 years are vulnerable period you experience many health problems caused by hormonal problems.
  • Heredity.
    Genetic or hereditary factors also so because you are at risk of developing breast cancer. If your mother or grandmother was recorded as having this type of cancer, the risk you are experiencing would also be greater.
  • Obesity.
    Obesity is also one of the factors you have this cancer. The more fat, the more difficult to detect the emergence of this cancer.
  • Eating patterns and unhealthy lifestyles.
    Eating patterns also affect the risk of cancer. Many consumptions of sweet foods, processed foods, or fried foods and fewer vegetables and fruits is one of the causes of cancer appear.

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