7 Simple Herbal Remedy for Prostate Problems

herbal remedy prostate problems

Men would be very scared if have this one problem, the prostate. Though it was noted that not a few men who already have pain that attacks the prostate gland. Often, inflammation due to infection, bacterial, or enlargement of the prostate that affects many men. Not infrequently also continues into prostate cancer.

To treat it is now not difficult anymore because medical progress has so far evolved. But for those of you who want to use traditional herbal medicine to overcome the problems of the prostate, the following seven natural ingredients to address it early =

  1. Tomatoes.
    Antioxidants type of lycopene that is in tomatoes may help reduce prostate enlargement. In addition, these antioxidants are also good in its function to prevent the growth of cancer cells. So if a little difficult having problems with urination, immediately multiply the consumption of tomatoes or tomato juice with no added sugar.
  2. Warm water bath.
    Bath with warm water may help overcome the initial symptoms of the prostate. This is due to the warm temperatures, the bacteria that causes the prostate can be killed. You can soak in warm water for a moment when you feel pain in the prostate.
  3. Pumpkin seeds.
    Phytosterols are numerous in pumpkin seeds capable of lowering dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes enlarged prostate problems. Consumption by boiling, so that the condition of your prostatitis can be resolved soon.
  4. Green tea.
    This drink is very rich in antioxidants so good against bacteria, preventing the growth of cancer cells, and reduce pain.
  5. Basil leaves.
    Although not widely used, but the basil leaves can prevent prostate swelling and inflammation.
  6. Watermelon seeds.
    Watermelon seeds are rich in antioxidants, and it is recommended to chew at the same time along with the fruit. Or if you do not like, you can also boil the seeds, then drink the boiled water.
  7. Sesame.
    Small sesame seeds are often used to make dumplings also good for the early symptoms of prostate. Good anti-inflammatory properties relieve inflammation and prevent prostate enlargement.

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