Various Drinks for Heart Health

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Various types of traditional hot drinks are quite popular. The drinks generally use herbal ingredients that help to warm at night and also as a medicine. For example, ginger drink, lemongrass, bandrek, beer pletok, and others.

There are several types of drinks that are also useful to prevent heart disease, said Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a cardiologist. But she also revealed that the drink made from herbs that will diminish its effectiveness when you add sweetener or excessive sugar in it because it will only reproduce a pile of calories in your body.

Here are some beverages that are healthy for the heart, as reported by everydayhealth =

  • Chocolate.
    Drink a cup of hot chocolate is great for maintaining heart health because it contains bioflavonoids which can lower blood pressure.
  • Apple cider.
    Apple cider or apple juice is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and potassium, useful for maintaining cardiovascular health. In addition, drinking apple cider can lower blood pressure so that the heart more awake. It would be more efficacious if you add the cinnamon in the drink.
  • Egg nog (STMJ).
    Egg nog is similar to typical ginger honey milk egg. However, egg nog only uses the egg yolks and hot milk, and sugar. With a sprinkling of nutmeg powder, this drink is good for health.
  • Ginger drink.
    Not only here, but hot ginger is also favored by residents of other countries. How to make it fairly easy, i.e. slice the ginger and then boiled for a few minutes, then strain and serve with honey. Very good for the health of your heart and stomach.
  • Pomegranate juice.
    Pomegranate juice is also very beneficial for health. This fruit has a high antioxidant and vitamins your body needs to maintain heart health. If desired, mixed with apple cider, honey and lemon.
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