This 6 Fruits Healthier If Consumed with the Skin

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The skin of some fruits also contain nutrients and antioxidants that are even higher than the flesh, you know. That is why there is a fruit that is recommended to be eaten with the skin as well. Yeah, do not be afraid to consume the fruit skin, which is important you have to wash and clean it well from dirt and residual soil attached.

Quoted from womenshealthmag page, here are 6 types of fruit that should be consumed along with the skin also =

  1. Potato.
    A nutritionist Katie Cayuto, R.D. states that potato and the skin rich in vitamin B and minerals. Generally, the potato is baked with the skin because the potato fiber is very beneficial for digestion.
  2. Eggplant.
    Eggplant is often regarded as a vegetable. On the skin is also very rich in benefits. There is antioxidant content named phytonutrient or nasunin that is good for your skin.
  3. Sweet potato.
    Sweet potato has a thin skin, similar to a potato. You can clean it perfectly before steamed and consumed simultaneously with the skin. There are vitamin C, potassium and beta-carotene, a pity if it must be discarded.
  4. Cucumber.
    Cucumber skin is also a pity if discarded because it has antioxidants that are useful for immunity to face the disease. There is also fiber that is good for digestion and prevents constipation.
  5. Carrot.
    Carrot skin is very thin so it should not be discarded. Just wash thoroughly before processed into juice, or steamed.
  6. Apple.
    Apple and also the skin are rich in antioxidants. The skin is even richer benefits than the fruit itself. There is quercetin ( a type of mineral), vitamin C, and triterpenoid that is useful in preventing cancer. So do not peel the fruit, ok.

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