7 Great Benefits of Pear for Body Health

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pear fruit benefits

Various minerals and vitamins contained in the pear are known to provide many health benefits to the body. Among others, there are potassium, phosphorus, copper, fiber, and much more content. With many of these nutrients, you can get a lot of great benefits of the pear fruit. Quoted from Boldsky page, following seven great benefits of pear can you feel =

  1. High cholesterol.
    In the pear, there is a compound called pectin with efficacy for lowering high cholesterol in the blood. If you’re feeling cholesterol levels rise, consumption of pear juice immediately.
  2. Lower fever.
    Pear is a delicious fever-lowering drug. Consumption of pear juice if the body temperature is high, then immediately the fever will go down.
  3. Colon health.
    Consumption of pear will help to nourish the colon condition, and launched constipation.
  4. Prevent cancer.
    A variety of healthy nutrients and vitamins in a pear prevent cancer because it can counteract free radicals.
  5. Adding energy.
    When hungry and you are in a state of diet and limit intake of high-calorie foods, then the pear is the solution to increase energy and power without fear of being fat.
  6. Prevent inflammation.
    Patients with heart disease, good to consume this fruit because efficacious to relieve inflammation.
  7. Osteoporosis.
    Compound called boron in pear efficacious help the absorption of calcium in the bones and prevent osteoporosis or bone loss.

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