5 Pre-diabetes Symptoms That May Not Be Unexpected

pre diabetes symptoms unexpected

Pre-diabetes condition not only observed from the increased levels of sugar in the blood through a test. Moreover, this condition is often accompanied by physical changes. For examples are thirsty, often hungry, eat sweet hobbies, and so on. But it should be understood, there were symptoms of pre-diabetes that may not previously think. If you see these symptoms, it’s good to check your blood sugar levels immediately.

Quoted from Detik Health, following some pre-diabetes symptoms that appear without previously suspected =

  1. Experiencing excruciating itching.
    The cause is a disturbance in blood circulation caused by increased glucose in the body. The skin becomes dry and tends to itch. In fact, experienced itching feels extreme, until the sufferer is not strong enough to not scratch it. If it had been given a cream or moisturizer was still dry and itchy, it’s good to see a doctor immediately.
  2. Changes in skin color.
    When blood glucose tends to be high, sometimes appear darker area on the skin that is different from other skin colors. Highly contrasting color and usually appear on the back of the neck, elbows, and fingers. However, these symptoms can also arise due to skin disorders like acanthosis nigricans. But it’s good to check the blood sugar, to see if the skin changes due to signs of prediabetes or not.
  3. Loud snoring.
    Research in Canada found that 23 percent of patients with mild obstructive sleep apnea or moderate risk of having diabetes within the next 5.5 years. Half of the patients with type 2 diabetes are also known to have irregular breathing during sleep that causes loud snoring.
  4. Blurred vision.
    Although these symptoms are not single trigger but can be associated with prediabetes condition. If caused by increased blood sugar, patients felt awkward with their eyes. For example, the size minus, plus, or cylinder being changed or generally view blur.
  5. There is a hearing loss.
    In a study by the National Institutes of Health said that the person who has a hearing loss it’s good to check blood sugar. People who have high glucose in the body known to 30 percent higher risk of developing diabetes. Research institute believes that it is due to damage to blood vessels and nerves of hearing as a result of the thick blood sugar in the body.

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