Bitter Melon Can Cure Pancreatic Cancer

bitter melon pancreatic cancer

Bitter melon does not have a lot of fans because it has a bitter taste. But behind the bitterness stored benefits that can make the human body healthier. Similar to papaya leaves that also bitter but powerful to cure several diseases, bitter melon too.

Journal of Carcinogenesis recently contains a study that explores the properties stored in bitter melon. The study mentions that bitter melon juice can make pancreatic cancer cells paralyzed and cannot metabolize glucose. The condition eventually could make it starve to death.

The cancer cells in the pancreas can die with regular consumption of bitter melon juice, and even make the performance of the pancreas is better. Therefore, bitter melon juice not only used for the treatment of pancreatic cancer but also diabetes caused by the difficulty of pancreatic secretion.

Reported by page Daily Health Post, scientists who conducted the study, Rajesh Agarwal, Ph.D., from the University of Colorado Cancer Center, said regarding a similar study on the efficacy of bitter melon juice to overcome breast cancer. Breast cancer cells were shown not to develop if given the bitter melon juice with routine therapy.

For patients with type 2 diabetes, the bitter melon juice is also known to be able to control their blood sugar. Indeed, the benefits of bitter melon juice no doubt, based on the above results. To minimize bitterness then you can add honey in the juice.


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