7 Signs That Men Suffering from Cancer

signs men suffering cancer

Cancer including one among the deadly disease. However, this disease still likely to be treated if diagnosed in the early stages. Therefore recognize the early symptoms of cancer can help speed up the treatment before it becomes too late. Quoted from Boldsky page, following early symptoms of cancer, which is commonly experienced by men =

  • Pain during urination.
    Unusual pain and the presence of blood spots when you’re urinating is an early sign of prostate cancer. If you experience it, consult a doctor before it gets worse.
  • Changes in the testis.
    Discoloration of the testes is also often the case if there is cancer in men. If you look at the color of the testicles turned into a darker, or find an unusual lump, then immediately consult a doctor.
  • The skin turns rough.
    Experts say that men over 50 years are more likely to have skin cancer. So if you feel the texture changes in one part of the skin, rough, thick, or anything else unusual, check immediately to the doctor.
  • Poor healing wounds.
    If you are experiencing difficult wounds heal, the color change to white, red, or blue, immediately contact your doctor.
  • Chronic cough.
    Persistent cough can also be a sign of cancer, namely lung cancer.
  • Bleeding defecation.
    During defecation and there is blood in your stool, it also could be an indication of cancer. Do not ignore these conditions, especially if you suffer from constipation in a long time.
  • Prolonged abdominal pain.
    Abdominal pain for a long time, in the form of abdominal cramps, are also symptoms to look out for. These symptoms may be early signs of liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, or colon cancer.

There are several other symptoms such as fever, fatigue, swelling of one part of the body, or sudden weight loss that you should also be aware of.


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