Crossed Legs Habits Can Trigger Varicose Veins

crossed legs varicose veins

Sitting cross-legged or lift one leg over the other is a common thing done by men and women. Actually, this is not entirely can lead to varicose veins, said by practitioners in the medical field. But if there is a family history of varicose veins, then crossed legs can trigger it.

Varicose veins can be experienced by a person when the muscles in the legs and feet have swollen. As it is known that the task of the arteries is to deliver oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, and by the veins, blood that is rich in carbon dioxide is brought back to the heart and lungs. Well, the muscles in the feet and legs have an important role in the process.

Blood vessels in the legs are working to keep the function of the blood flow is not mixed up, and walked in the direction it should be. If the veins of the legs are weak, then the blood will gather in one location at the foot, and make the veins look swollen. This condition is known as varicose veins.

Genetic influence makes the blood vessels in the legs some people become weak, and it triggered varicose veins if they sat crossed legs in a long time.

For pregnant women, varicose veins are triggered by sitting not only cross-legged but also stand too long and often. Their weak leg muscles less than the maximum carry blood back to the heart. The result is a buildup in the legs, and varicose veins appear there. The condition is more severe if a person’s weight more than normal.


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