4 Body Disorders That Visible from Eye Condition

eye condition disorders

Eyes can be a clue of disturbance in the body. Quoted from the Times of India, there is at least four body problem that symptoms can be observed from the current eye condition. If these symptoms appear, we recommend that you should be suspicious if there is a serious problem with the health and needs proper handling.

Here are four signs of the eye that can indicate a problem in the body =

  1. Eyes look red.
    It could be the sign of an infection in the eye such as the conjunctiva. But if the red eye lasts long and is not caused by irritation, may arise as a result of increased blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension can make the blood vessels in the retina stiffened and has a risk for rupture. If it were so, there is the risk of other diseases that arise namely heart attack and stroke. Always check and make sure your blood pressure is normal.
  2. Dry eyes.
    Eyes feel dry for a long time and are accompanied by sensitive when saw the light, there is a possibility of someone having autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren’s. The disease stimulates white blood cells to attack the glands that produce moisture fluid. This fluid is useful so that the eyes are not dry.
  3. Itchy eyes.
    The trigger is probably allergies. Allergies on the body that produced the substance histamine, the effect can be felt by eye with complaints of itching. Itching can affect the nose, throat, skin, and so on.
  4. Eyes look yellow.
    The cause may be jaundice which attacks the liver. The colors appear as accumulated substances bilirubin in the blood, due to liver organ is not able to process the red blood cells completely.

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