First Aid Epileptic Seizures in Children

first aid epileptic seizures

Epilepsy is a disease that attacks the nerves in the human brain. The most typical symptoms that patients experience seizures. Breathing becomes a little bit heavy. In epilepsy experienced by children, parents or close relatives should understand first aid that should be given when symptoms appear.

Quoted from Detik Health, children with epilepsy should not be given any objects in their mouths when symptoms come. According to a pediatrician from hospital Cipto Mangunkusumo, Dr. Irawan Mangunatmadja, Sp.A (K), either fingers or a spoon should not be placed in the child’s mouth.

When children experience epileptic seizures, people around them must loosen the clothing worn by the child. After that, place the body in an oblique and avoid supine. Supine position can trigger vomiting reaction.

“After that, insert the stopper seizure medications (such as diazepam rectal). Later generally seizures will stop within 5 minutes. After that accompany until they regained consciousness. To be sure the child is not allowed to put anything in his mouth, tied up or cuddled,” said Dr. Irawan.

The number of seizures stopper that can be given in any event a maximum of two times. If after the first drug administration still occurring symptoms of seizures, the second drug can be administered at intervals of about 5 minutes from the first administration.

“Enter into the rectum, push up the medicine until runs out. Hold on do not have to be withdrawn quickly. Let stand until the child sleeps for example. If immediately revoked medicine suddenly can go out and it’ll actually not absorbed,” said Dr. Irawan.


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