Many Laughs Can Prevent Dementia in Younger Age

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laughs prevent dementia

Laughter is the expression of positive emotions and happiness that good for health impact. A study says that with laughter, then the risk of developing dementia at a young age can be prevented.

Stress and depression are the results of the pressure which are experienced by a person psychic. The more the problems encountered, then it is likely to experience stress will be greater. The problem, the harmful effects of stress do not just stop there only. It will spread to a variety of things like trigger heart disease, trigger hypertension, diabetes, even for seniors can reduce memory and thinking ability. This is where the role of positive emotions such as laughter that reduces the level of stress experienced by a person.

Quoted from page Health Me Up, scientists from Loma Linda University stated that the more often people experience stress, then it is likely they are to experience dementia at young age increases. Memory will also continue to deteriorate due to stress on depression.

To prevent this, they are advised to many laughs because while laughing the hormone cortisol is reduced. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can affect a person’s memory. Brain nerve can be healthier if the formation of the hormone cortisol inhibited.

When laughing, then the nerves of the body will be more relaxed and calm, as well as increased heart rate and oxygen would be a lot more goes into the body. The body automatically releases endorphins or happy hormones. When endorphins increase, then gradually reduced stress. A person’s immune system was so much better with the presence of endorphins.

So, do not hesitate to laugh. You can watch a comedy, joke with family, or how a healthy humor with co-workers. Happy to laugh.


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