7 Tips to Keep Yourself from Flu Attacks

tips to keep from flu attacks

The rainy season is the time when many seasonal diseases come. A flu epidemic is most often. Cold air often makes the condition of the body weakens and makes it easier for the flu virus to infect the body. For this to not happen to you, here are tips from Genius Beauty to guard against an attack of influenza =

  1. With sufficient vitamin D intake.
    This vitamin can support and boost the immune system of the body function at optimum levels. During the rainy season, a source of vitamin D from sunlight may rarely be obtained because of overcast. Therefore, sufficient vitamin D from food or supplements. Ideally, every day to get vitamin D intake of 50-80 ng/ml.
  2. Consumption of probiotics on a regular basis.
    Today quite a lot of probiotic drinks are marketed. Drinks that contain good bacteria, it supports the immune system of the gut. As information, 70 percent of the immune system supported from intestines. Included in probiotic products are yogurt or probiotic supplements.
  3. Consumption of foods that strengthen the immune system.
    You can more often eat vegetable soup, salad, fruits, and so on. Vegetables that can expel the cause of flu are green and dark vegetables. Instead, reduce foods that contain lots of sugar, gluten, and processed foods.
  4. Consumption of herbs or foods that are antiviral.
    Examples are olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, elderberry extract, and so on.
  5. Always try to get enough sleep.
    Sleep is a fortress to fight many diseases, as well as curative. Sleep helps the body to improve function. In addition to sleep at night, there is no harm in taking a nap for 20 minutes.
  6. Physically active.
    Active body not only have to exercise. Any activity that requires your body to move can make the body healthier. For example, you go to the market or to work by walking or riding a bike. Could also, you can wash rather than using a washing machine. In essence, your body move more often.
  7. Avoid using antibacterial soap.
    This soap is filled with chemicals that actually increase the risk of emergence of bacteria on the skin. Bacterial soap also often dries out the skin, making it crack, and peeling. It is a condition that is quite possible for the virus to enter the body.

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