5 Simple Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack

avoid heart attack

Anyone can have a heart attack. Most heart attacks due to an unhealthy lifestyle in the long term. For example coronary heart disease, the narrowing of blood vessels due to the accumulation of cholesterol plaques that clog the blood flow rate. When the blockage is getting close, then the heart’s need for oxygen and nutrients are carried through the blood is reduced a lot. This is the beginning of coronary heart disease.

However, there are some simple steps to avoid a heart attack in a person. Do the following and start living healthier. Here’s how to avoid a heart attack quoted from Detik Health =

  1. Do not smoke, including not become passive smokers.
    Cigarette smoke is full of toxins. One effect is to make the blood becomes more viscous. Blood flow becomes less smooth. By avoiding exposure to cigarette means it lowers the risk of heart attack by 30 percent.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet.
    The food is also worth noting. Avoid saturated fat foods such as fried foods. Replace with nutritious foods such as from the class of vegetables, fruits, and grains. Healthy fats can be obtained from olive oil or avocado. Both of these foods have a role in normalizing cholesterol levels.
  3. Exercising regularly.
    Exercise or any physical activity can make the body become fitter. It plays a role in maintaining cardiovascular health. Exercising three times a week for 1.5 hours per session is strongly recommended.
  4. Maintain weight.
    The fat that accumulates in the body is one risk factor for heart attack. Highly recommended to have an ideal body weight.
  5. Often socialize.
    Activity hangs out with a lot of people make the mind not easily stressed. The pressure of the mind is also a trigger heart attacks. The more often socialize, someone will be more psychologically healthy.
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