Enlarged Mole in the Eyeball Possible Sign of Cancer

enlarged mole eyeball

Moles that grow on the white of the eyeball can be dangerous under certain conditions. The size of the mole if it enlarges it shows symptoms of malignancy. Nevus or mole is a collection of pigment cells melanocytes. The growth can be anywhere including the surface of the eyeball in the conjunctival epithelium or surface of the sclera. If excessive amounts can give the eye color of the iris and choroid eyes.

“Nevus that has or gets the blood flow, tends to have a chance to grow; and if it is constantly irritated skin can turn into cancer (melanoma),” said Dr. Tjahjono Gpndhowiardjo, SP. M, as quoted from Detik Health.

Moles on the eyes that need serious attention is if experiencing enlargement size or appear to be growing. Malignancy also arises when a mole is itchy and redness due to inflammation.

“Nevus that is located in the area of the eyelid, nose, can turn into a skin cancer called Basalioma, which is locally malignant because it would destroy the surrounding soft tissue, bone tissue even below it, thus forming ulcers (ulceration) that are widespread and deep,” said Dr. Tjahjono.

Meanwhile, if melanocytes cancer cells in the eyeball can cause pressure effects such as glaucoma. Therefore, secondary glaucoma often occurs that causes the eye feels pain when pressed. Glaucoma can lead to blindness. When melanoma is perched in the choroid tissue can also create blind due to the release of retinal tissue. Melanoma can perform deployment by utilizing blood vessels.

Therefore, the existing moles on the outside or inside the eye should always be observed. If there is an abnormal symptom shows such as itching, redness, or enlarged you should immediately consult a doctor.


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