4 Wrong Habits While Sitting Can Trigger Back Pain

wrong habits sitting

Sitting in a chair can be a cause of health problems, particularly pain in the lower back and legs. Sometimes the trigger that comes from the wrong sitting posture for a long time. Excerpted from the Times of India, some of the wrong habits while sitting is often not realized by someone.

In order to lower back pain problems do not occur, avoid this habit during the sitting for a long time =

  1. Rarely lean back when sitting.
    Sit without leaning position can cause great strain on the lower back. This is what triggers excruciating pain in the back.
  2. Crossed legs.
    This position is often done by women, although there are also men who do it. Crossing your legs when sitting make the blood circulation becomes blocked. It will especially hurt the ankle area.
  3. Rarely moves during sitting.
    A position without much movement while sitting surely make your muscles stiff. Muscle tension does not only occur on the back but also spread to the neck and shoulders. Usually, this position is done by someone who was working in front of a computer or laptop.
  4. Sitting hunched.
    Sometimes people do not realize when sitting bent when working. Posture like this after a long time will make your back and neck muscles feel stiff and sore. Try to sit in an upright position with the backrest. In addition, make sure the computer or laptop screen at eye level, so you do not have to bend.

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