5 Side Effects Often Oversleep

side effects oversleep

The habit of sleeping late it can have an impact that is not good for health. Quoted from Detik Health, people do not necessarily become healthier when waking up until noon and sleep longer. Here are some reasons that could be an incentive for you always to get up early. Oversleep can have an impact like this =

  1. Susceptible to disease.
    Waking up during the day as well as those that lack of sleep. The immune condition becomes weaker. Waking up in the morning and continued with sunbathing for a while, will increase your immunity. Provitamin D under the skin will turn into vitamin D that makes the body more resistant to disease. The benefits of sunbathing can be obtained until the sun shines approximately until 9am.
  2. Headache.
    Sleeping too long will make your head dizzy easily. The reason, the nervous system or neurotransmitters become disturbed and an increase in serotonin which triggers headaches.
  3. Easy being fat.
    Wake up during the day can cause you to forget breakfast. As a result, you are stimulated to take lunch with portion is very much up to two times. This trigger weight gain.
  4. Easy to stress.
    Wake up during the day can make communication with families is reduced for people who work outside the home. Plus got off work in the evening and just a little conversation with family members, make this cycle become the media stress for you.
  5. Exposure to pollution.
    Waking up during the day makes you have to deal with the traffic situation that already crowded or even jammed. The air in the streets full of vehicles pollution. Air pollution triggers many diseases such as upper respiratory infections until lung cancer.
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