3 Kinds of Headaches Most Often Suffered

kinds of headaches

A headache is actually perceived by the muscles located in the head and the blood vessels that surrounds the surface and the base of the brain. So is not the brain, or the skull and tissues in the head that feel the pain.

The more painful again if a headache spread to the scalp, face, eyes, and some parts of the head. This happens because there is a sensory nerve fiber called nociceptors that send pain signals to the brain and brain forward it to several locations in the head section.

Quoted from page Health Me Up, the following are some types of headaches and causes that are often experienced by humans.

  1. Tension headache.
    This headache is the most widely experienced. Often the cause is an excessive worry, a lot of work and thought, pressure or stress, poor eyesight, and lead to muscle tension in the head. This muscle tension triggers pain receptors send signals to the brain. As a result, you feel dizzy with mild to moderate intensity.
  2. Migraine.
    The cause of a migraine is a change in blood flow to the cerebral cortex. As a result, the blood vessels to swell and put pressure on the brain. This is perceived as the headaches. The reason is lack of sleep, stress, excessive dieting or malnutrition.
  3. Cluster headache.
    This is the most severe type. Generally, these headaches affect one side of the head and around the eyes. The cause is due to the habit of drinking coffee or alcohol were discontinued. Lacking one addictive substance that triggers a sudden severe headache.

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