Dragon Fruit Not Only Delicious but Also Good for Health

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dragon fruit

Dragon fruit in recent years begun often found in the fruit market, thanks to the rise of cultivation here. The taste is fresh, sweet and delicious and attractive colors makes not a few people are fond of fruit that comes from China.

Not only attractive and delicious, but this fruit also has many benefits for health and beauty. Want to know what are the benefits of dragon fruit for those of you who regularly consume?

  • Heart health.
    Dragon fruit has many beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants that nourish the heart and also prevent heart disease to humans. Dragon fruit processed as juice, salad or fruit ice can you consume each day to get the benefits to be maximal.
  • Cholesterol down.
    Fiber and antioxidants in fruits that are red and white are able to help shed fat, lower calorie and stabilize your high cholesterol. It is important to remember to mention at the time of consumption do not too much added sugar, dairy, or mayonnaise.
  • Premature aging.
    As well as a variety of other fruits and vegetables, nutrients, vitamins, and fiber in dragon fruit will help you look younger. Skin become more elastic, supple and fresh with lots of eating this fruit. You will also be protected from the adverse effects of free radicals released by pollution and UV rays of the sun.
  • Healthy skin.
    Another benefit of dragon fruit is that it can be used as a mask, to keep your skin healthy and fresh.
  • Diabetes.
    Eating dragon fruit can help the body regulate blood sugar, so you do not have diabetes. The fiber content in the fruit which gives the ability to maintain blood sugar levels.

The benefits of dragon fruit that you can get, certainly by combining it with a variety of other types of healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.


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