Blueberries Can Prevent Cancer and Diabetes

blueberry pterostilbene

Blueberries have long been known to contain a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol. These antioxidants are not only healthy but also can help prevent cancer. In addition to resveratrol, blueberries also contain other substances which can help reduce the amount of fat and reduce the risk of diabetes. This substance is one of the types of chemicals such as resveratrol are also found in other fruits such as cranberries and grapes. However, pterostilbene apparently still has not been studied.

The Role of Pterostilbene Contained in Blueberries

Research on blueberries is done by the Carlos III Institute of Health and found that pterostilbene has a very small size and can penetrate the cell membrane of cancer cells. In addition, these substances can also cause the death of cancer cells. Pterostilbene known also can make the cancer cells became weaker, in a way to prevent it from generating energy.

The benefits of pterostilbene not only that. Recent research has shown that these substances can also prevent diabetes and obesity, as well as protect the heart. The researchers found that pterostilbene substances can increase fat oxidation in the liver and also reduce fat synthesis in tissues. This process will lead to a reduction in body fat.

Meanwhile, another study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition found the same thing where pterostilbene can help protect beta cells in the pancreas. This beta cell function to control insulin and keeping it stable. That, in turn, will prevent insulin resistance that triggers type 2 diabetes.

Pterostilbene known also can prevent hardening of the arteries that can trigger a heart attack. In addition, these substances can also help improve the effectiveness of HIV medicines. However, until now it seems pterostilbene still rarely studied and needed more experiments to determine the potential health problems.


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