7 Factors Causing Occurrence of Cataracts

cataracts factors cause

The eye is the window to see the world. However, sometimes we do not realize how important the function of the eye until there is a problem or health problems in the eye.

There are various problems that can affect the quality of eyesight, and one of them is cataracts. Cataracts can occur when proteins in the eye are obstructing sight. Cataracts can turn into a serious condition, it can even be one of the common causes of blindness.

Several Factors Cause the Appearance of Cataracts

There are several factors why cataracts can occur, such as =

  1. Age.
    Age is one of the main causes of cataracts. Proteins in the eye lens will increasingly decrease with increasing age. In addition to these factors, environmental factors can also be a cause of cataracts.
  2. Eye trauma.
    Eye trauma can result in thickening, swelling, and the appearance of white color on the lens fibers. The white color that is formed is ultimate could cause cataracts.
  3. Genetics.
    Genetics can also be one of the factors causing cataracts. This is due to chromosomal abnormalities can affect the quality of the lens of the eye.
  4. Skin disease.
    Some skin diseases such as eczema, pemphigus, ichthyosis, and atopic dermatitis may affect the condition of the eye lens. This, in turn, will also increase the risk of cataracts.
  5. Infection.
    Certain types of infections such as cysticercosis, toxoplasmosis, and leprosy can lead to the appearance of cataracts. Therefore, if you experience one of these types of infection, immediately treat the infection before it spreads further.
  6. Diabetes.
    Diabetes is often thought to be a disease that can lead to cataracts. This is because the enzyme aldose reductase in diabetic patients can lead to cataracts.
  7. Use of certain medications.
    There are several specific types of medicines that can affect eyesight. A type of corticosteroid medication often can cause cataracts.

That’s some factors cause the appearance of cataract. By knowing the causes, could be expected to alarm us to introspective before exposed to cataracts. May be useful.


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