Difficult Defecation? Beware of Colorectal Cancer – How to Prevent

difficult defecation

Difficult defecation in the morning? If yes, then do not be too dismissive of it, especially if you are experiencing conditions coupled with prolonged constipation, diarrhea, bloody bowel movements, and abdominal bloating. It could be signed symptoms of colon cancer (colorectal).

Difficult Defecation and Colorectal Cancer

According to a specialist in diseases from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Cosphiadi Irawan, colorectal cancer is the abnormal growth form cells or tumor formation that occurs in the colon (large intestine) and rectum. These cells can metastasize or spread and damage other tissues that can be called with the cancer cells. This was conveyed at the time of the campaign early detection of colorectal cancer education held at the Energy Cafe on Thursday, March 27, 2014.

Cosphiadi explained that the main target of colorectal cancer is the structure of the digestive tract. If not given immediate treatment, cancer cells can spread to the lungs, liver, and other organs. This can result in injuries to different body organs, which is caused by the cancer cells, thus making these organs cannot function properly.

Colorectal cancer is one cancer that is quite deadly. However, the symptoms of this cancer can be recognized easily, which is enough to pay attention to the pattern of bowel movements. Cosphiadi said that cancer could be combated by early detection and immediate treatment.

One way to prevent colon cancer is to pay attention to diet and to drink every day. It is intended that the process is smooth bowel movements, especially in the morning. Drinking water in the morning is one of the best ways to make the process of defecation to be smooth.

In the same occasion, dr. Samuel Oetoro, Clinical Nutrition Specialist, from Siloam MRCCC Hospital say that water can stimulate the movement of the colon wall to move and quickly issued a feces so that the bowel can become clean again.


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