8 Signs of Iron Deficiency in the Body

iron deficiency signs

Iron is needed by the body such as to form red blood cells. Iron is found in many green vegetables and red meat.

Iron intake is needed by the body at any time and usually are met by implementing diet with balanced nutrition. Meet the needs of daily iron is essential for the body, as if those requirements are not met, then it can cause health problems.

Signs You Have an Iron Deficiency

There are some signs that indicate the body needs extra iron, which is as follows =

  1. Easily fatigued.
    “The body needs iron for the formation of hemoglobin, the compound in red blood cells that play a role in the transport of oxygen,” said Blaire Morris, health experts from the Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health. When red blood cannot carry oxygen is required, then the body will feel tired fast.
  2. Difficulty concentrating.
    Formation of neurotransmitters may be affected when a person is deficient in iron. The normal function of the brain can be disrupted, and one of its effects is difficulty concentrating.
  3. Tending to apathy.
    Decreased neurotransmitters also influence a person’s attitude as being apathetic or indifferent to the environment. Family, close friends, and even work can be neglected when the body lacks iron.
  4. Pale.
    Has a pale face is not fun. White face but pale it does not mean beautiful, but a sign that the red blood cells that flow through the body too little.
  5. Shortness of breath.
    The body will be deprived of oxygen when the body lacks iron. This causes any light physical activity can cause heavy breath to take as much oxygen.
  6. Nails brittle and concave.
    Your fingernails break easily? If yes, then beware, because the nails that break easily is a sign that you are deficient in iron. In addition to brittle, generally, nails also often form a basin like a spoon.
  7. Do not enjoy exercising.
    Quickly tired, short of breath, and decreased muscle strength are signs someone is iron deficiency. These conditions, in turn, makes people feel uncomfortable to linger exercise.
  8. Red or pink urine after eating beets.
    Beeturia is a condition in which the urine is red or pink after eating beets. This condition is actually normal, but it is more common in people who are deficient in iron.

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