5 Benefits of Bathing Every Day for Health

benefits of bathing every day

Bathing every day is common. But in some other countries that have 4 seasons, bathing activities may be carried out only once a week, or every few days. Fortunately for those of you who have a habit of bathing every day because of the health benefits, it turned out really great. Bath using cold water is also highly recommended, rather than using warm water.

Benefits of bathing every day is informed by the Boldsky site as written below =

  1. Cool the body.
    Excess body heat can cause health problems, such as heat stroke and gastrointestinal problems. For children, excess body heat causes chickenpox disease and bleeding in the nose. A bath can help cool the body and prevent you from the disease.
  2. Clean the dirt.
    Bathing can clean the dirt that clogs pores in the surface of the skin. Clean pores are allowing the skin to breathe and prevent from skin diseases such as eczema and hives.
  3. Relieve stress.
    When you stress, the muscle will cramp and become stiff. Bath relaxes our muscles, and thus it can reduce stress.
  4. Cure depression.
    Specifically for depression, then shower with warm water will ease your suffering. Bath has a positive psychological effect on the mind.
  5. Increase energy.
    When you wake up in the morning, usually will feel weak and lethargic. Bath with cold water will make you excited and bursting energy.

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