6 Benefits of Tea That You May Not Know

benefits of tea

The benefits of tea are never boring to be discussed. There are many studies that outline the benefits of tea for health, beauty, and a variety of other interests. Tea is indeed very tasty be made drinks and healthy at the same time. Quoted from the Huffington Post, the following six benefits of tea to your body that you may not know =

  1. Tea helps keep the weight off.
    This is evident from a study in 2011 that found that consumption of green tea can actually disrupt the formation of fat in the body. Preferably, drink green tea without additional sugar if you want to get these benefits.
  2. Green tea can help the eyes to see better.
    A study in 2010 found that a component in green tea positively affects the eye tissues associated with the retinal tissue. Thus, green tea can protect your eyeballs.
  3. White tea helps you look youthful.
    A number of tea polyphenols are very high. This means that your body will perform optimally in cell regeneration, strengthen elastin and collagen, thus preventing the onset signs of aging. According to a study in 2011.
  4. Black tea can reduce stress.
    The hormone cortisol or stress hormones can be reduced by drinking this tea. In addition, black tea can normalize blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that six months regularly consume black tea lowers systolic blood pressure.
  5. Help fight diabetes.
    A study in 2010 found that the caffeine in tea helps reduce the risk of diabetes as a whole.
  6. Tea will strengthen the heart.
    Especially green tea may improve endothelial function faster when consumed. But, avoid consuming it with milk because milk casein may reduce the cardioprotective benefits.

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