4 Ways to Avoid Stroke for Women

ways to avoid stroke for women

Stroke is a terrible thing and best avoided as much as possible by men and women. Unfortunately with the lifestyle and food consumed at this time, a person’s risk of having stroke increases. In America, there are more than 500 thousand cases of stroke in women was recorded this year alone. Reported by Freedom from US News, the factors that cause a woman can have a stroke are age and family history or genetic.

To avoid the risk of stroke, these are things that are recommended by the Harvard Women’s Health =

  1. Blood pressure control.
    When you have high blood pressure, then as much as possible to control blood pressure in order not rise drastically. Stroke is usually caused by a rise in blood pressure drastically. The trick of course with avoid all the things that trigger it.
  2. Weight control.
    Obesity or being overweight can make the risk of stroke is increased. This is due to a disease that usually accompanies the condition, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Reduce your weight if your doctor says you are categorized as obese.
  3. Exercise.
    Exercise will make you more active. As a result, obesity and high blood pressure will stay away. Proven in a study which studied the effects of exercise on the risk of stroke, women who are actively walking more than 3 hours a week had a lower risk of stroke than women who do not like to walk.
  4. Aspirin.
    This medicine is so popular in America to treat diseases such as a headache, aches, and toothaches. Consumption of low-dose aspirin to prevent blood clots occurred. It includes an easy way to avoid a stroke.
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