6 Characteristics of People Who Sleep Less

characteristics of people who sleep less

The need to sleep for each person is different, but adults usually need 8 hours of sleep per day. If too little or too much, there will be some health problems both physical as well mental. For example, a study conducted by the American Association of Cancer Research in 2008, when a woman has a pattern of sleeping less than 7 hours, the risk of breast cancer will be 47% greater than in women who had normal sleep patterns.

In addition, a study published in the Journal of Sleep 02.08.2010 also states that people who sleep only 5 hours per day had a two times greater risk of developing heart disease than those who sleep normally.

While someone who is too much sleep up to 9 hours per day, the risk increased to 1.5 times for heart disease.

The body will usually give a signal when a person experiences a lack of rest or sleep. Reported by Metrotvnews, Dr. Andreas Prasadja from Mitra Kemayoran Hospital provides some characteristics when a person experiences a lack of sleep =

  1. Hard to wake up in the morning, waking up with difficulty.
  2. Often forget where to put something or other things.
  3. A lot of mistakes when writing or typing.
  4. Careless when working.
  5. Hard to concentrate.
  6. Sleep when not sleepy.

If you have all these characteristics, it is certain that you have a lack of sleep or lack of rest time. Sleep immediately so as not to run into a lot of other health problems.


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