7 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Feet for Diabetics

maintaining healthy feet for diabetics

People with diabetes should be more active to keep their feet from injury. Because diabetes leads to nerve damage and reduced blood flow to the feet. As a result, minor injuries can be severe and recover for a long time. If the severity cannot be tolerated anymore, then it is likely the feet will be amputated.

Therefore, it is mandatory for diabetics to keep away from various problems. Here are some tips to protect the feet for diabetics =

  1. Make sure the feet are always clean by washing and drying.
    This will reduce the risk of infection.
  2. Keeping humidity of the feet.
    But, avoid too humid conditions in between the toes to avoid the growth of mold.
  3. Check the condition of your feet every day.
    Look for the possibility of cuts, abrasions, scratches, swelling, or other feet problems. If found, immediately consult a doctor and do not underestimate the slightest injury.
  4. Wear foot coverings.
    This is to avoid the minor injuries that would allow serious injuries occur in the future. You can wear clean shoes or socks no matter where you are, including in the home. Wash socks routinely, select the type that does not irritate the skin.
  5. When wearing the shoes, choose a size that fits with your feet.
    Shoes that are too small will make your feet become calluses and blisters. When using it, make sure there is no dirt in it. There is already a lot of shoes designed specifically for diabetics.
  6. Stay away from smoking either actively or passively.
    The toxins from cigarette smoke will limit and reduce blood flow to the feet.
  7. Avoid self-treatment for injuries that occur on the feet.
    Always consult the injuries to the doctor.

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