Breakfast Can Prevent Diabetes in Women

breakfast prevent diabetes in women

Taking the time to have breakfast in the morning will prevent women have excess weight and reduce the risk of diabetes. The findings of researchers from the University of Colorado said, a woman who did not have time to eat breakfast is easier to have insulin resistance. This condition makes a person needs more insulin to normalize blood sugar.

Quoted from the Health, insulin resistance is not too problematic if it occurs in the short term. But if it happens regularly every day, it will increase the risk of developing diabetes type 2.

“Eating a healthy breakfast can be beneficial. This may not only help you to control your weight but also can avoid diabetes,” said Dr. Elizabeth Thomas, health instructor at the University of Colorado, the study was presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in San Francisco.

The study involved several women, with an average age of 29 years. All of them are obese. Insulin and their blood sugar measured on two different days after lunch. At a time when they have breakfast, and at other times they do not have breakfast.

Through observations that made, glucose levels rise after lunch. As a result, it triggers the production of insulin to metabolize glucose into energy. However, blood sugar and insulin levels after lunch time are much higher in women who skipped breakfast.

“There is increasing by 28 percent in response to insulin and a 12 percent increase in response to glucose after skipping breakfast,” she said.

With this research, it is advisable to take breakfast in the morning. To see how far the relationship between the cause and the effect, further study is needed to explain it.


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