9 Jobs That Have a Risk to Your Health

jobs have risk to health

Work is very important to make a living. But there are some jobs that can bring a person to have a greater health risk than other jobs. Quoted from MSN, the following nine jobs that can endanger your health =

  1. Nurses.
    A study published in the Journal of Nursing Administration says that 55 percent of nurses are obese, and another study says that 10 percent of 19 thousand nurses suffer physical injuries in their work.
  2. Floral designers.
    This work is at risk of experiencing eye and skin irritation from the pollen of flowers, they are also potentially having asthma and exposed the yeast infection from the same cause.
  3. Fishermen.
    From the data released by the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2011 stated that 121 of the 100 thousand fishermen died while working in that year. On average, because the ship upside down.
  4. Office workers.
    Unhealthy side of working in the office is too much sitting. In fact, too much sitting at risk of the occurrence of heart disease, diabetes, lung, and cancer. Therefore, balanced with standing and walking while working.
  5. Dancers.
    In the Police and Criminal Psychology journals mentioned, dancer and dance choreographer have a high divorce rate. If associated with health levels, single people are more likely to have a heart and mental health worse than people who are married. Being single is also prone to a higher risk of death.
  6. Lawyer.
    Studies conducted by LawCare found that 46 respondents who work as a lawyer having a saturation point. About 75 percent said that their work environment filled with stress. Stress triggers many health problems such as ulcers, hypertension, liver disease, stroke, and heart attack.
  7. Stewardess.
    This profession requires working at day and night. A study says that a woman who works at night in the long run have an increased risk for breast cancer.
  8. Military personnel.
    The military is full of stressful situations because they are exposed to many dangerous situations in their work. According to a study from the University of Wisconsin with CareerCast.
  9. Janitor.
    They are at risk of exposure to chemical substances and other unhealthy conditions while working. The chemicals could have been being a poison that can make the body sick. Cleaning products they use can trigger asthma permanently.

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