10 Benefits of Sesame Oil for Health

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benefits of sesame oil for health

Sesame oil is as good as olive oil. This oil has a variety of benefits to our health. Quoted from Boldsky, there are ten benefits that can be obtained from sesame oil =

  1. Nourish the heart.
    The content of sesamol in sesame oil is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Sesamol is very good for heart health.
  2. Rich in protein.
    Every ounce of sesame oil contains protein as much as 4.5 to 5 grams.
  3. Prevent diabetes.
    Sesame oil has a high magnesium. This will prevent insulin resistance that leads to diabetes.
  4. Improve bone health.
    Sesame oil contains zinc which serves to keep the density of bone calcium.
  5. Overcome digestive problems.
    This oil is very good for the colon and easily digested by the digestive tract.
  6. Overcome respiratory problems.
    Sesame oil contains anti-spasmodic that can relieve muscle spasms in the respiratory tract. This oil is suitable for people with asthma.
  7. Lowering blood pressure.
    The high content of magnesium that makes this oil can reduce high blood pressure.
  8. Maintaining oral health.
    This oil can reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath.
  9. Protect against cancer.
    Another antioxidant owned by sesame oil is phytic that help fights cancer cells.
  10. Nourish the skin.
    The content of zinc in sesame oil will maintain skin elasticity and encourage collagen production. Also, this oil can be applied to the skin of the belly to prevent stretch marks.
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