10 Habits That Can Trigger Heart Disease

habits trigger heart disease

Heart disease often occurs due to unhealthy habits that performed for years. The risk factors accumulate and then finally there was an unexpected attack. Quoted by the Times of India, ten habits that can lead to heart disease =

  1. Love watching television.
    Sitting in front of the TV more than four per day increases the risk of heart and artery disease by 80 percent. Including, you will have blood sugar and cholesterol due to snacking while watching TV.
  2. Often stress and depression.
    Both of these emotions are not good for heart health. Your blood pressure will rise, and the heart pumps blood more quickly.
  3. Snoring.
    Snoring is not always a sign of a deep sleep. Instead, snoring is associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), characterized by disruption of breathing while sleeping. Sufferers have four times higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems.
  4. Ignoring dental health.
    Cavities or gum disease could be the entrance of bacteria into the blood vessels. In the oral cavity is quite a lot of bacteria. If pathogenic bacteria enter the blood vessels to the heart, can cause problems for your heart.
  5. Decided to live alone.
    Some people are reluctant to socialize. They just enjoy their own life. People like this are easier to experience depression.
  6. Too often drink alcohol.
    Alcohol is not only bad for the liver. Excess levels of alcohol in the body will increase blood pressure and cholesterol, also facilitate the occurrence of heart failure.
  7. Obesity.
    Excess weight also means excess fat, a common trigger of heart problems. People with obesity tend to have high cholesterol and high blood pressure as well. They are prone to heart problems as well as stroke. Therefore, keep your body to have an ideal and healthy weight.
  8. Smoking or being active smokers.
    Either smokers or others who inhale the smoke are equally likely to have heart attack problems. Smoke will trigger blood clots that can block blood flow to the heart. Also, smoking contributes to forming plaques in the arteries.
  9. Rarely eat fruits and vegetables.
    A study suggests that people who eat five portions of fruits and vegetables per day had a 20 percent lower risk of developing heart disease or stroke than those who rarely consume it.
  10. Like eating salty foods.
    Salt can increase blood pressure. It becomes the leading cause of stroke, kidney failure, and heart attacks. Salty foods commonly found in fast food.

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