Air Pollution Affects the Fetus Exposed to Autism

air pollution affects fetus autism

Air pollution that pretty much meets urban air at this time, be the cause of autism in children, which began in the womb. Pregnant women who live in a neighborhood full of air pollution, two times more at risk of having a fetus with Autistic disorders. According to a study from Harvard University, cited from the BBC.

According to researchers, pollution has caused abnormalities in the growth of children. Both of these are very related. The researchers discovered the link after studying the survey data about 100 thousand nurses since 1989.

Researchers also looked at the data of air pollution released by the environmental protection agency. Factor analysis of data coupled with education, income, and the possibility of smoking in pregnant women. From the respondents, 325 women have children with autism, and 22 thousand others have normal children.

As a result, women who live in places with high levels of mercury in air pollution has increased twice the risk of having a child with autism disorders. Meanwhile, women who live in a neighborhood full of air pollution containing lead, 50 percent higher to give birth to children with autism. Mercury and lead that are components of pollutants in the air pollution are a poison that affects a child’s development in the womb.


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