Headaches Can Be Caused by These Foods

headaches caused by foods

If you suddenly have a headache, whereas before you are not doing something that triggers the arrival of the disease, it is possible that the cause is the new food you eat. You may not realize it because the food is eaten it is a normal and common foods consumed daily.

However, believe it or not, some foods are known to trigger headaches. This is due to some chemical substances contained in the food. Reported by Vemale, these are the types of food =

  • Foods containing tyramine, i.e. on the type of processed food products such as cheese, dried fruit, as well as corned beef, sausage and various forms of processed meat manufacturer. This tyramine, when consumed, will cause the blood vessels to become narrow, and then after the narrows will be enlarged. This causes the appearance of pain in the head.
  • Foods containing aspartame (sweetener). For example, in various types of drinks that contain soda, also fruit juice made from the factory.
  • Foods with MSG (monosodium glutamate) will usually lead to changes in vascular blood vessels. This causes pain arises.
  • Alcohol in some liquor is proven capable of causing headaches. This is due to sulfuric acid, nitric and tyramine on the drink that stimulates blood vessel and cause pain.

So, do you have been eating some foods above? If yes, then get ready to experience headaches. Of course, depend on the condition of your body.


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