Cervical Cancer Early Symptoms and Causes

cervical cancer early symptoms causes

Cervical cancer is a deadly type of cancer that only affects women. This cancer develops in the cervix and triggered by a viral infection with HPV or human papilloma virus. The cause of a woman can be infected with this virus is an unhealthy lifestyle as well as frequently changing sex partners.

There are also some cases of cervical cancer caused by giving birth at a young age, having sex too early (before the age of 17 years), depression, hormonal imbalance, not maintain the cleanliness of the vital organs.

An early indication of a person has been exposed to cervical cancer is not very visible unless the growth stage of the cancer cells has entered a particular phase. Symptoms can include unusual bleeding outside menstrual periods or after sex, pain in the abdomen or pelvis, also pain after having sex.

However, like other types of diseases, cervical cancer can also be prevented. One of them is by following HPV vaccination, which can be given to young women starting at age 12 years and over.

Strengthen the body’s immune system with consumption of nutritious foods and a high antioxidant such as vegetables, fruit, avocado, and sea fish is also able to prevent the occurrence of cervical cancers in women.

Women should also avoid sexual promiscuity, smoking, drink alcoholic beverages, and often do sports activities no matter how busy.


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