Requirements to Become a Healthy Blood Donors

requirements become healthy blood donors

Blood donation is a very noble thing because with the blood you have donated, there is the possibility of other person’s life can be saved. A drop of blood can be very valuable because there are thousands of patients who could only be saved by a blood transfusion.

But of course, not everyone can be a blood donor. There are certain requirements that must be met if you want to donate blood to the Red Cross.

Here are the requirements to become a good blood donor =

  • Normal Hb.
    Hb levels or levels of hemoglobin (red blood cells) that you have should be in normal condition. Should not be more than 17% or less than 12.5%. Before donating blood usually someone will be checked first their hemoglobin level, to prevent things that are not desirable or risk to the donor’s health. To lower high Hb levels then you should drinking lots of water, eat less meat and vegetables with high iron.
  • Normal blood pressure.
    Tension or blood pressure should be normal, should not be too low or too high. If it is too low, the health condition of the donor feared would be unstable. Can be dizziness and even fainting.
  • Do not have infectious diseases.
    The advantage of being a blood donor is, you can get free health tests. From here will be visible if you have an infectious diseases or not. Some diseases such as HIV and hepatitis can be transmitted through blood. When you have an infectious diseases, then you will not be able to be a blood donor, even though you want it. Why? Because the disease can be transmitted to the person who is receiving your blood.

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