Common Diseases That Can Change Becomes Fatal

common diseases change becomes fatal

There are several types of diseases often experienced by people, so it is regarded as a normal or mild diseases. For examples are the flu, fever, and headache. When the disease is not handled properly, it could turn out to be severe and fatal.

The following are some mild diseases that are often underestimated =

  • Fever.
    Fever or an increase in body temperature is usually derived from some infections that occur in the body. With the rapid advancement of health sciences and medicine at this time, fever-lowering medicines can be easily found on the market. The problem is when fever occurs in a long time. Check with your doctor immediately if your fever occurs more than three consecutive days.
  • Food poisoning.
    Food poisoning resulting in diarrhea should not be regarded lightly. Especially when experienced by infants and young children. Immediately take the sufferer to a nearby hospital to avoid dehydration and death.
  • Influenza.
    Influenza that occurred in a long time can cause lung phlegm, and mucus filled. Types of influenza such as bird flu or swine flu are not less dangerous and resulted in death.
  • Diabetes.
    Reported by Boldsky, almost one-third of India’s population suffers from diabetes. This common disease can be fatal if there are a decrease and an increase in sugar levels in a short time. Every disease should be addressed with wise and not to be underestimated, and treated according to the conditions.

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