7 Light Habits That Can Make Body Fatigue

light habits make body fatigue

Body feels weak and tired not only caused by activities that are too heavy. Because the light daily habits can make the body even as it is not powered. It’s just sometimes not recognized and taken for granted.

Quoted from the Huffington Post, there are seven habits that can cause mild fatigue effect for the body if done too often =

  1. Breakfast without involved elements of carbohydrates.
    Sometimes some people replace breakfast with tea or coffee. Whereas to give the body energy until the lunch hour arrived, you need carbohydrates. A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association says that eat carbs in low levels it can lead to greater fatigue and reluctant to exercise. Intersperse your morning schedule with carbohydrate foods to supply energy from metabolic processes. Also, carbohydrates will keep your brain energy so as not to be used to replace the lost muscle mass due to lack of energy.
  2. Taking prescription medicines for too long.
    The use of two or more prescription medicines, in the long run, can make your body tired. The reason is because the liver organ releases toxins from the body. If you often feel tired after taking the medicine long enough, you should immediately consult a doctor. And, you should only consume chemical medications that important.
  3. The room is always a mess.
    Work or home that mess will also trigger the exhaustion of the body. The reason is that your brain makes sense of fatigue comes. The brain will respond with a negative mess and end up feeling overwhelmed. The solution, tidy up a messy area soon. If you can not immediately clean it all, just clean some areas that you need most to keep the mood up. After that, you just take care of the rest at your spare time.
  4. Consuming energy drinks.
    In this drink contains vitamin B and taurine. This drink can make the body feel tired. The reason, the body is not easy to do a B vitamin metabolism in an isolated form such as on the energy drinks. This drink triggers the body nervous and tired.
  5. Using a computer.
    Too long in front of the computer monitor can cause computer vision syndrome that makes eyes tired and achy body. Symptoms include fatigue, blurred vision, headache. Control your eyes to turn the gaze toward the more distant object from the computer, every 20 minutes.
  6. Eat fewer vegetables.
    Micronutrients present in fruits and vegetables needed to maintain optimal health. Lack of antioxidants, for example, make the body experiencing premature aging and make the body cells weaken. This can trigger fatigue and the risk of the presence of cancer cells.
  7. Too often exercise.
    Overdose in exercise can also make the body tired. Limit your exercise activities according to the body’s ability to respond.

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