Drinking Coffee Can Prevent Liver Disease

drinking coffee prevent liver disease

One more reason that drinking coffee is healthy. Recent studies have revealed that drinking coffee regularly beneficial to reduce the risk of disease that attacks the liver. Coffee linked to lower heart disease risk. Thus the results of a Mayo Clinic study cited by She Knows.

In this study, followed by three groups of volunteers consisting of patients with symptoms of primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), primary biliary cirrhosis (PCB), and healthy patients without liver disease. Each group was asked to consume the coffee within a specified period.

As a result, coffee effect on patients who have PSC problem. The risk of PSC disease tends to decrease. However, contrary to that, coffee has no effect in patients with PBC.

PBC is a liver disease caused by autoimmune. The immune system is attacking the owner by way of destroying the small bile ducts in the liver. Here occurs a buildup of toxins and cirrhosis.

While PSC is a rare disease that causes damage to the bile, and cause swelling and obstructive inside or outside the liver organ. If this disease is not treated then can result in the occurrence of cirrhosis, liver failure, and cancer of the bile. At the severe level, may need an organ transplant to cure.

Meanwhile, according to a study conducted by St. Louis University Liver Center, every ten people in the United States is suffering from liver and bile disease. What to watch, 50 percent of them do not show symptoms.


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