Beware of Pain From Five of These Body Parts

pain in the body parts

The pain that arises in some part of the body is often overlooked because it is considered mild and very common. While it maybe pain that arises in these parts are the early symptoms of a chronic disease and dangerous.

What are the five parts of the body that often gets pain but ignored? Here are the explanations =

  1. Headache.
    Headaches that appear periodically and in the long term should be wary of. This is one of the symptoms of a brain tumor or the occurrence of bleeding in the brain. It was described by Sandra Fryhofer, from American College of Physicians.
  2. Pain in the chest.
    Pain in the left chest could be an early sign of heart disease or pneumonia. Moreover, when the pain in the chest accompanied by nausea and spread to the left shoulder. Immediately consult a doctor if you often experience it.
  3. Lower back pain.
    Pain such as pain in the lower back maybe early symptoms of the arthritis disease, or also the health problems in the stomach. In fact, some cases of heart attack start with pain in the lower back.
  4. Stomachache.
    Abdominal pain should not be underestimated because there are a lot of abdominal organs that have a vital role. For example, in the left gastric, liver and bile in the right, as well as the appendix. When the parts are ill, immediately handled properly so as not to spread to other diseases.
  5. Pain in the calf or leg.
    Pain in the calf can be derived from blood clots that occur there. Would be dangerous if the blood clot off and join in blood flow to vital organs such as the lungs. While pain in the feet and legs like a burning sensation, and stabbed a sharp object could be a symptom of diabetes.

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