Insomnia Effect on Heart Failure

insomnia effect on heart failure

Keep yourself from insomnia. Because when it continues to go on, the disease can increase the risk of heart attacks and an increase in blood pressure. Recent studies say there is a relationship between insomnia with heart failure. It should be understood, heart failure death has claimed as many as 55 thousand people each year in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Quoted from the Huffington Post, a study in Norway found a link between insomnia and heart failure. In fact, the symptoms that arise from insomnia quite capable of developing heart failure risk significantly. The symptoms are sleeplessness, frequent waking during sleep, and the body does not feel refreshed when wake up.

The study involved 54 thousand men and women aged 20-89 years. At the beginning of the study, none of them are known to have heart failure symptoms or problems. The researchers then collected data on their sleep and related details of the common symptoms of insomnia. Researchers also collect other data related other aspects of health, including cardiovascular disease risk factors. Research continued for 11 years.

As a result, during the period of the study, more than 1,400 people have heart failure. Researchers then look at a possible link between the occurrence of the symptoms of insomnia, along with other factors that influence the risk of heart disease. The researchers concluded that insomnia is apparently related to a higher risk of the occurrence of heart failure.

The bad news, if a person has more than one insomnia symptom, the higher also the risk of heart failure. People who had three insomnia symptoms, the risk is higher than those with one or two symptoms. However, this study still requires additional studies to see the extent to which insomnia can directly lead to heart failure.

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