Face Can Give a Sign of Problems in the Body Organs

face sign of problems in the body

The health of some organs of the body often gives signs on your face when having problems. This mark maybe one way to be more vigilant. Quoted from the Times of India, the following are some of the signs that can be seen when the organs are problematic =

  1. Acne on the forehead.
    This area is related to the digestive system. The space between the eyebrows has a connection to the liver. When you eat a lot of fatty foods or drinking excessive alcohol, it will affect bad in those parts of the body.
  2. The spots on the cheek.
    The cause is probably a dirty mattress or an imbalance of hormones in the body. Cheek area is also associated with the lungs. Maybe if you are also having trouble breathing, spots will appear on the cheeks.
  3. Excessive hair growth in some parts of the body.
    Possible causes are endocrine disorders. To get a clearer diagnosis about this, you can contact a specialist. You can also experience symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which can be seen from the excessive hair growth and acne, menstrual periods rarely, up to a weight problem.
  4. Acne on the chin and jaw line.
    It usually occurs in women who menstruate, the cause is probably hormonal or endocrine disorders.
  5. Black circles in the eye area.
    The reason could be due to fatigue or lack of sleep. The other reason is problems in the kidney organs as a result of dehydration or gathers poison in the organ. Anemia can also bring out dark circles. As a suggestion, watch your intake of fluids and avoid drinking coffee, alcohol, and excessive salt.
  6. Tongue looks red and sore.
    You may have iron or vitamin B12 deficiency. If it looks too blue, possibly also the blood flow towards the tongue a lack of oxygen. Meanwhile, if visible a white lesion, you are exposed to canker sores.

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