Characteristics When Your Body Has Excess Calcium

characteristics body excess calcium

Calcium is needed by the body for the formation of bones, teeth, and various other organs. In addition, calcium also important for muscle contraction, hormone production, and nerve function. Therefore, the calcium intake should not be less than the need.

But there are times when a person consumes too much calcium until happening hypercalcemia. Hypercalcemia is a condition where the blood calcium level is above normal, which is in the 9-11 mg/dl. In these conditions, the body systems begin to experience impaired balance.

When mild hypercalcemia, you will not feel anything wrong with your body. However, if the level is higher, then you will experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and constipation.

Also, sometimes will appear symptoms like irregular heartbeat. That is due to high calcium levels complicate the heart electrical impulses from working normally.

If allowed prolonged, excess calcium will cause buildup in the kidneys and become kidney stones. The worst case would risk damage to the kidneys.

You can feel the mild symptoms of calcium deficiencies with the onset of thirst that is not natural. Although you’ve been drinking, still appears hungry.

Your skin will look dry, chapped lips and exfoliate. Muscle fatigue and feels weak. When you feel all the characteristics, you should immediately consult your calcium levels in the laboratory.

Level 15-16 mg/dl is an emergency condition, and may cause coma.


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