9 Best Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally

best ways prevent kidney stones naturally

Without realizing it, the presence of kidney stones in the body also affected by temperature and humidity. Many kidney stone cases encountered when summer comes. At that time, the temperature will rise, and the body fluids are yawning. If such conditions are not followed by drinking enough, it could create problems in the kidneys. And, kidney stone disease is often mentioned as an effect of the lack of body fluids.

Therefore, during the summer, a person requires more water intake than when it rains to protect the kidneys. Do not let the body get dehydrated. Quoted from the Times of India, there is still more you can do to prevent the presence of kidney stones =

  1. Drinking enough water throughout the day and at night before bed.
    If you defer peeing every few hours and less drinking, you should immediately pursue lack the necessary body fluids so as not to cause problems in the kidneys.
  2. Drink lemon or orange water regularly to reduce the risk of kidney stones.
  3. Less consuming food or drinks rich in oxalic acid to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Examples include soda, iced tea, chocolate, strawberries, and nuts.
  4. Reduce caffeinated drinks that can make you dehydrated.
  5. Stay away from the salt intake that can absorb the water content in the body.
  6. There is a medicine which is used to prevent the formation of kidney stones.
    Ask your doctor about any medication that is right for your condition. The medicine is usually used to control the amount of acid, alkali, or cystine in the urine. The three substance above is a factor in the formation of kidney stones.
  7. Foods containing high purine you should also avoid.
    Examples are meat, eggs, and fish. If you have the risk of uric acid, control the purine substances must be done.
  8. Consuming lots of vegetables to keep the body cool.
  9. Weight control and exercise regularly.

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